2 april 2017

i don't even know where to begin with all of this, i am glad that i was able to make a site like this, i always thought that you had to program it in c++ and then buy a domain and everything, but this is cool too. its a fun way to learn how to code and stuff :-)

all in all, this page is going to be used to post updates, happenings, occasional pictures, etc. i wanna document everything!!! plus i am going to link this into my twitter, so if my friends shared a memory with me, then maybe theyll find it here? i dont know, just dont expect anything fancy in terms of text. as you can tell, im not even capitalising or adding apostrophes. ill post more in the coming days

4 april 2017

i have been trying to work more and more on the website, but i havet things to do for school, mostly photography stuff. photography is fulfilling but it is also really stressful at the same time. sometimes people think it's just pushing a button, but it is so much more than that, especially with studio portraits which i like to do. i think the thing that i loathe the most is post-production, which is like photoshop and stuff like that... i guess the final product is worth it but mostly it is just a hassle.

6 april 2017

i took my cap and gown pictures for my graduation! i graduate in about 65 days and i am beyond excited, i don't think anybody understands (other than my senior friends, of course). i am still waiting to hear back from the school of the art institute of chicago and columbia college chicago. i hope that i got into both, and i hope that they will consider me for a scholarship. that will most certainly make me happier than anybody on the planet.

anyways, i have attached my pictures below (they were taken by my good friend, connor)

gradcam gradcam2

12 april 2017

i've been trying to think of new ideas and things to add to the site, but i have not thought of anything that i have found noteworthy. i think i might add a list of my vinyl record collection... that doesn't sound too bad, right?