14 May 2016, @2003ghost posted:

The City of New Sussex Community Centre shall be opened in two weeks, starting this July. A multitude of classes and activities will be offered there, including:

... and many more! The ribbon cutting is set to be held on July 18th, by [REDACTED]. Although only three people have signed up for classes, they're still going to be available for registration until the 2nd week of classes.
Due to the fatal crash that resulted in [REDACTED], 8 Line trains are shut down so forensic clean-up teams can remove any other debris left from the scene of the accident. They will not run until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In other news, the local library, an extension branch of the Spokane Public Library, has finally donated one computer to our branch. Local residents use the internet to access the news and other reading materials, as well as accessing our extensive catalog of books.

Today Lt. William Davis opened a new patrol kiosk in City Park No. 2, deeming his actions "for the good of New Sussex," amongst other things.

Now, a message from the Chief of Police:

This morning, multiple riots were held in City Square over the renaming of the historic Joseph McCarthy High School. Although the name and history remains historic, a poll will be run to help understand the needs and wants of the people of New Sussex. You can register to vote at a police station as well as at the local kiosks at City Park No. 1, 3 and 7. Also, any further rioting will result in criminal charges for all involved. Thank you. 

14 May 2016, @2003ghost posted:

Today at 10:30AM the Class of 2016 graduated today from Joseph McCarthy High School, with a graduating class size of 229. Events included:

In other news, Mayor Lloyd has announced a lift on the curfew. This goes with an agreement that the police will monitor any activity in the city past 9PM. Tune in to Channel 7 to view their the layout of their plan to [REDACTED] and introduction to the new 55 officers that will monitor the city grounds for any wrongdoings.


According to the New Sussex Transit Authority, 7 Line trains running between City Hall and Union Station will not be in service due to maintenance and remodeling of stations, as well as [REDACTED]. This will be done in about two weeks. Detours include added stops along the routes for bus routes 2, 9 and 6 during rush hours (6-10AM and 5-7PM) as well as 8 Line trains running from Phoenix Station to Downtown. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.


Joseph McCarthy High School will not have classes in session from June 8th to September 14th. Students are to not be on school property for any reason other than registration of new students. Counselors are available from 9AM to 2PM on Mondays and Thursdays.


13 May 2016, @snakes99 posted:

With tonight being the first night of curfew, certain residents have come forward with varying reactions. This information has led us at City of New Sussex to believe that there will be many issues before the curfew is taken seriously by the public.

One instance that stands out is the experience of a City Hall intern,  Natalie Xavier, 15. Xavier was accidentally abandoned at the local Target by her mother, Layla. "I didn't know what to do. I was sitting in the small Starbucks clutching some documents I needed to deliver to the local government, and next thing you know, the Target slowly begins shutting down and I'm on the verge of a panic attack. The employees were staring at me and my mother was already on her way home."

Xavier and her mother are currently being interviewed by two of our new officers and according to [REDACTED], they are unlikely to be punished for a mistake.

In a call from Mayor Lloyd, he stated that the Xavier family is currently being investigated to ensure that an event of this nature will never again occur.


13 May 2016, @2003ghost posted:

As residents of Washington state, we are not unfamiliar with rain. With only about 162 days of sunshine a year, New Sussex has become known for it's plentiful rain. Recently, there have been some mysterious events occurring in New Sussex. Because of this, a new curfew is to be put in place:

The curfew has been set indefinitely. Also, City Council recently voted to have the Sheriff's Office replaced by a secret police association, which will move into the local precinct this week. No one knows who they are, but that they will be taking over the duties of the Sheriff's Office. They are led by Lt. William Davis, who will oversee the entire police force as a whole. 
Residents are wary of the new secret police squad, as the Sheriff's Office is being put on immediate hiatus until the move-in. "Who will make sure we are safe?" asks one resident.
Though City Council has declined to comment on the vote, we have accessed documents through the Office of Information and Public Records:
The Secret Police will take over duties of protecting the residents of New Sussex and [REDACTED]. Their duties include [REDACTED]. Those in favor of the new police squad include [REDACTED], as well as some various citizens who have formed a task force to drive support for the new police.

Keep visiting our site daily to receive more updates as well as more information on local news, weather, and public events.

13 May 2016, @2003ghost posted:

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